“Conflicted interests – Science and the Arts" at the Burien Community Center

Fog Harbor, by Michael Diegel

The Burien Community Center is pleased to present photography by artist Michael Diegel. His exhibit “Conflicted interests – Science and the Arts” will be on exhibit from October 6th through the end of November.

Alley Art Comes Inside at Burien Arts

The Burien Arts Gallery is presenting something completely new and excitedly different in October with its “They Drift X Sneke” exhibit.

Sneke One is a fixture in Seattle’s graffiti art and hip-hop scene. He and his crew have left an indelible mark on the Pacific Northwest and cities throughout the world including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Geneva Switzerland and Paris France.

Meet Sneke at the Burien Arts Gallery’s Artist’s Reception, Friday, October 2, 5-8 p.m.

Get creepy and kooky with musical comedy "The Addams Family"

(Sept. 16, 2015 - Burien, WA) – Have some ghoulish fun with the musical comedy The Addams Family at Burien Actors Theatre from Oct. 2 through Nov. 1. Enjoy free on-site parking and don’t miss the Halloween performance.

Seattle PI Interview with Local Arts Advocate, Amber Raven

A great interview on the Seattle P.I. Culture Blog of Amber Raven: Artist, Normandy Park Arts Commisioner, Burien Arts Gallery supporter/board member/curator, and overall local Southend arts advocate.

Artists United's Annual Art Fair: This Weekend

Join Artists United at their Annual Art Fair!

Saturday, September 26: 10am - 6pm

Sunday, September 27:  10am - 5 pm

United Artists Annual Art Fair: September 26 & 27

Join Artists United at their Annual Art Fair!

Saturday, September 26: 10am - 6pm

Sunday, September 27:  10am - 5 pm

Free Admission Both Days

Location: the Normandy Park Cove



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