7 Stories is back, and online!

Who hasn’t been moved by a powerful or funny story?

7 STORIES is a local program of storytelling from the heart. Stories unite us as a community. As we share our true stories on the theme of “Second Chances” during this time of the Coronavirus, we feel empathy for each other.  We also celebrate our challenges, triumphs, and our diversity. 

7 Stories, Second Chances

The first 7 Stories night on Feb. 28th was to a standing room only crowd at the Highline Heritage Museum. The next 7 Stories night would have been in March, but due to the Coronavirus, it had to be cancelled. In response, we took the program online, with pre-recorded stories to share with the community. We brought Scott Schaefer of the B-Town Blog on board to edit the videos, enabling us to go forward with sharing the stories on YouTube.

We invite you to visit our first playlist, click the "Play All" link, sit back, relax, and listen to your neighbors and community members tell true stories from the heart, about their own “Second Chances.”  If you want to participate in this wonderful program, visit the 7 Stories page and sign up to tell YOUR story. Our next theme is: “The Kindness of Strangers.” How relevant at this time! Enjoy!

The 7 Stories Steering Committee

7 Stories is produced by a group of individuals and organizations, including Burien Arts Association, the B-Town Blog, Burien Culture Hub, and Highline Heritage Museum.

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